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Frequently Asked Questions

You can save 10% on all your orders by being a subscriber! This discount is automatically applied against all your orders, even the latest Pop! Vinyl releases!

The only time the discount wont apply is when a better offer is available, we will always give you the best discount possible, so if we are running a 20% off discount your 10% discount will not apply.

No you do not!

You do not need a subscription to buy from our Pop! shop, but if you do have a subscription you will automatically get 10% off everything you buy on site.

Debit / Credit Cards

You will be billed when the order is allocated and ready to dispatch, this will happen on the estimated release date provided on site but only if the products are available. 

Apple Pay / PayPal

These payment methods are pay upfront, this means these providers will take payment on order, we will dispatch your items soon as they are available. The money is held by PayPal and not by us, we have not taken payment and will not do until your items are ready to be sent to you!

When will I be charged?

We will charge you when we dispatch your pops to you! Different subscriptions have different payment dates. If you are curious by what date you will be charged this can be viewed on the individual subscription’s product page!

E.g Classic Subscription charges on the 2nd of every month.

Why have I not been charged the full amount?


This will be because we haven't got all of your pre-orders in stock! We will have taken payment for the ones we have sent to you! If you're unsure which ones are on the way you can either access your account or drop our Customer Service Team a message!


This will be because we couldn’t fulfil your wants/desires in the Pop! world! We have gone through your wish list/neutral list and we do not have enough stock of the pops you want or they haven’t been released yet!

They are variants of the normal Pop! They have subtle differences and are a rarer form of the common pop. Normally they are colour variants. They come in a ratio of 1 chase for every 6 Pop! Vinyl made. 

You have to be lucky to get one! 1/6 lucky to be precise!


Thumb up or down the Pops you want and don't want. NEVER be sent a Pop you don't want.

10% off ALL orders including new releases!

Unique Pop! Tracker which allows you to keep track of what's in your ever-growing collection.

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